Dinosaur Safari Pro for iPad App Reviews

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Good and bad

The update was good and bad they added a lot of good stuff but made the bad stuff worse please make the Xp loss for death less and no Xp loss for shooting the window but other than those few things the update was good and the slow gun speed can be increased with sensitivity in options people

Was good but update did too much

Driving jeeps freely, bikes, horses. Love it all. Gas for the jeep? Lose 5xp instead of 1? Very very VERY slow movement with the rifle now? Come on. Limited ammo on the pistol, not to mention that we don't even get a rifle when we're walking. Could we please be able to turn our heads when we're walking? I've spent over 5$ on this game and I promise I'll stop until the next update with will hopefully fix ALL of these problems. Game was good, u tried to make it better and u did but maybe just tried a little too hard. Dinosaur Safari will be sitting on my iPad for awhile but it won't stay there if nothing happens. Hope you fix these problems, thanks.

Good until it became awful

I purchased this app a while back. At that time you could control the jeep and all the dinosaurs were available right out the gate. It was fun enough. But now you not only have to pay for a less than average game, you also have to pay for their terrible looking dinosaurs. Unless you feel like slaughtering a hundred parasaurolophus before being able to get anything! Also, they've got this little monstrosity called an insectosaurus. Oh dear Christ. Avoid this game at all costs, play carnivores instead. That's a game that actually deserves your money. And you only have to pay once!

Great game butt....

I'm not a huge fan of having to buy dinosaurs. The process is painful and agonizing. I do like earning things. But the game just starts out a little boring. And their are too few dinosaurs at the beginning. One more thing. The hostile dinosaurs don't chase you if they're out from a distance. They use to go after you if you shot them (or a member of their pack), but now they just stare at you while you kill them off. But other than this the game is pretty fun & deserves a four star rating

Dino Safari

Love the game the graphics are great and you guys did a wonderful job with the dinosaurs they are fantastically animated

What's Up????

It gets to the loading spot & crashes!!! Please fix!!! Makes my grandson extremely unhappy:-(

Refund or fix it

This is a joke I bought this and it doesn't even work fix it or give me my money back

Great game

Love this game, it's really great


Wow. Love the game I just don't know how people go so far But make it where you can get out of your car. And put other types of Dinosaurs.


This is a Great Game!!! But there are a few things 2 update 1. The Ipad Multiplayer should be able 2 connect 2 IPod Multiplayer. 2.Bluetooth play 3.Better Multiplayer connection 2min into the game it disconnects the second player I think that cover's it for now Thank You!!!



Exciting adventure

I do want more and cant wait for updates, very funny with those crazzzzzzy pack of raptors, thumbs up so far

Dino Fun

Epic fun great!!

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